I don’t usually say too much about things that annoy me. Not loudly and vocally in public anyway, but this is an issue that is really starting to bother me, so I thought I would take the opportunity to raise it here, and see if others have had the same experience.

People often ask my husband and I when we’re going to have kids. Now I don’t really have a problem with that. I do write a blog about our personal experience after all, so I’m pretty open to questions about it.

But what annoys me is that when I tell people WHY we don’t have kids yet, they act like I shouldn’t have told them the reason. This drives me friggin crazy! Seriously, you’ve asked a personal question, now don’t get all upset when you get a personal answer.

The other thing that is really bothering me is the judgement we have received from a small portion of people saying that we shouldn’t have told anyone we were pregnant. I feel like there’s two options available to ladies in this situation. Either, don’t tell everyone you’re pregnant and have them whisper about it behind your back (you know, kind of like “oh my goodness, did you notice Sally wasn’t drinking this week OR last week, she MUST be pregnant”), or tell people, and have them judge you for telling (you know, like “OMG, can you believe Suzy just told everyone she was pregnant straight away, doesn’t she know you shouldn’t tell anyone before 12 weeks??”).

So, which is it people? Put up with the whispers and quietly drink your orange juice or tell everyone and deal with their judgy little stares (and sometimes, straight out comments) saying you shouldn’t have?

I wonder if anyone else thinks this is ridiculous as I do!?

Why can’t we just let people decide whether they want to share or not, and be OK with it either way?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.