I know I’ve posted stories of my baby brain antics before, but it appears they have come back with full force and out of nowhere, so I thought I may as well keep the stories coming.

Just in the last week, I have done 3 things that are utterly ridiculous. I feel frustrated and stupid at the time, BUT I can happily laugh it off later, so I’m keen to share these stories so we can have a bit of a laugh together (and if you have baby brain anywhere near as bad as I do, I hope this helps you feel better about yourself 🙂

I’ll start with the least silly story and work my way on from there…

The Cat-Astrophe

Every night before bed I give my cats a few biscuits and then shut them in the laundry / garden so that they don’t disturb us while we’re sleeping.

Last Saturday night was no different. I got up from the couch after watching a movie, gave the cats a few biscuits and a quick pat on the head each, said good night to them, brushed my teeth and got into bed.

A few minutes later, Sebastian (my youngest and fattest cat) jumped onto the bed, nestled himself on my legs and meowed at me.

“Sebastian!” I exclaimed “How did you get in here!?”

His response? (don’t be silly, he’s a cat, he didn’t respond!)

So, I jumped out of bed, marched down the hallway and into the lounge to question Sam as to why he left the laundry door open. Sam was quietly sitting on the couch playing on his phone and it was quite clear to me that he hadn’t been anywhere near the laundry door.

So… the only logical explanation (unless my cats have worked out how to open doors) is that, I gave the cats their biscuits, said good night to them and then just… walked away, leaving the laundry door wide open.

Except, I don’t remember leaving the door open. Crazy!

The “Where is my Purse and Phone” Debacle

The day after the “cat-astrophe” was Sunday. Sam and I were doing a few things around the house (who am I kidding, I was doing bugger all, pottering around trying to look busy and Sam was doing some actual work, cleaning the windows).

Anyway, around about lunch time Sam bailed me up and demanded like the hard-working, starving man that he is, that I arrange some lunch for us both (not really, in usual Sam style he politely asked if I was hungry, confirmed that I was and then asked if I would mind going to the shops for food for us both).

We discussed what both lunch and dinner options would be for that night, I made a list and headed over to the shops (by the way, we created this amazing chicken dish – I will have to share the recipe with you some time!).

Sam was particularly keen on a fruit platter from the deli down the road, which meant I had to make two stops. So, the first stop was to the big shopping centre to get every day type items. I went about my merry way, collecting the things I needed, definitely buying more than my arms cared to carry back to the car, popped everything in the boot and drove off.

The next minute, I’m in the car, stopped at the lights, thinking about the phone calls and arrangements I need to make for that week, when suddenly, I start freaking out, trying to remember where the hell I put my wallet and phone.

Did I put them down somewhere at the shops?
Where were they when I packed the bags into the car?
Did I leave them in the super market?


I decide there’s no point worrying about it, I’ll need to stop the car when I get to the deli anyway, so I might as well just search the car first before getting too worried.

A few minutes later, I pull up at the deli and open the boot. I fossick around in there for a bit and then FINALLY, there’s my wallet and phone, tucked into one of the shopping bags.

I’m SO GLAD I found them… but I definitely have no re-collection of putting them there in the first place!

The Peculiar Pregnancy Test

I feel especially stupid about this one.

Last Friday, after I had a positive home pregnancy test, I went to the lab and got a blood test taken.

My OB had already given me a few referral forms at my discharge appointment after the miscarriage, so I could get the blood test done the same day as my positive home test without having to make another appointment.

I was quite surprised when he then phoned on Monday to let me know the test results (all fine so far, by the way). He said the levels were what he would expect them to be for the dates I had given him, and asked if I could please do another test in a weeks’ time.

I thought it was a bit weird that he wanted me to do another home test, and asked if I needed to call him if the test wasn’t positive. He said not to worry and that he would call me.

I said, no worries, talk to you soon, and hung up.

I then called my mum to tell her the good news (that the results were fine) and that I had to do a home test in a weeks’ time. My mum queried if I was sure about this. I said “yeah, he just wants to make sure the result is still positive” to which my mum replied “yes… but your test might still show positive anyway… are you sure he didn’t mean that you need another blood test?”

… and then the penny dropped. Of course he meant get another blood test! How else are you supposed to tell if the hormone levels are going up or down? Why else would he have given me 4 referral forms for blood tests!!!???

If anything, I’m so glad I had that silly conversation with my mum… can you image if I’d done a home “pee on a stick test” and then had to explain that to my OB…??

Man, I’m laughing so hard my eyes are watering!

*sigh* It’s going to be a long 9 months isn’t it…?

How about you? Please (seriously, I need this) if you have any stories you are willing to share about your baby brain I would really love to hear them! Alternatively, if you just want to laugh along with (or at me), that’s ok too!

Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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