I know I said a couple of weeks ago that I don’t often complain about things much in public forums, but… Sam and I have a bug-bear we both really want to share.

I’m going to start off by reflecting on the question I’ve asked in the title of this post. How many emails are in your inbox?

As I write this post, I currently have 1573 unread email messages in my personal inbox.

The crazy thing is, I actually cleared out my inbox only about a fortnight ago! At the same time, I also unsubscribed from about 50 or so different subscriptions I didn’t even know I had!

Which leads me to the thing that really annoys us.

We really, really, REALLY, dislike it when we sign up to something that interests us, and then get bombarded with emails about it.

Just because I’m interested in something, doesn’t mean I want to hear about it 3 times per day, every single day, 365 days a year.

That’s how I end up with a stupid amount of emails in my inbox!

Does anyone else get frustrated with the amount of emails they get sent?

I know we do, which is why we don’t send many emails to our members.

Every now and then, if we have something really important to tell them, we send an email.

Alternatively, if they sign up for our newsletter (which doesn’t happen automatically when they become a member) we send them an email once a month.

We just wish everyone else would do the same!

How about you?
If you’re not too embarrassed about it, I would love to know if you have as many unread emails as me. Do you dislike getting so many emails every day too?

Let us know in the comments below – we look forward to hearing your thoughts!