The last couple of weeks we’ve felt like the hate for 2016 has been mounting everywhere.

Has anyone else noticed?

It feels like everywhere you turn people are crapping on about how they can’t wait to see the back of 2016, as if it’s been the worst year of all time.

For the most part, it seems people are particularly upset about the deaths of a few celebrities, the Brexit issue, Trump getting elected and… I’m not really sure what else?

I’m not saying everyone had a fabulous year, but I really doubt it was as bad as everyone is making out.

I’m sure these outcomes weren’t ideal, or exactly what people were expecting, but surely it’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened?

I can certainly think of worse events in recent years!!

Reflecting back on this year, I can say we’ve had our fair share of bad luck, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s been the worst year of our lives.

Regular readers of our blog may be familiar with the two miscarriages we have experienced this year, and our friends and family on social media probably saw one of our tucks was stolen just before Christmas.

Those times sucked, but I still don’t think it’s the worst year ever.

Thinking back, over-all it’s actually been a pretty good year.

Starting off in January, we got married. I think it was the most awesome party I’ve ever been to!

After that we enjoyed a beautiful honeymoon in Singapore and Langkawi, followed by a holiday with family and friends – a trip we will remember and reminisce for years to come.

Later in the year we experienced the trip of a lifetime with a whirlwind 4-day visit to India, and a month or so after that we relaxed in the Whitsundays for a week and a half.

Over Christmas we enjoyed a family break away to Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and surrounds.

Throughout the year, we were pretty busy from a work point of view too – Sam travelled away quite a bit and we managed to launch our new website as well.

All in all, looking back, we achieved some great things, and even though we experienced some extremely difficult times, we certainly won’t let those define our year.

So, next time you feel like spreading the hate around about 2016, could you just re-think it for a second?

Was it really that bad?

We had some pretty crap times, but we’ve managed to challenge ourselves not to dwell on those.

If we can take a positive outlook, I’m sure you can too.

Here’s to hoping for an awesome 2017!

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