It is a well known right-of-parenting-passage to struggle through bed time refusal. The good thing about this is… you’re not alone.

The bad thing? It’s extremely frustrating when you just want 5 minutes to yourself to chill out on the couch but your kids want 7 more drinks, 2 more cuddles, 1 more story and then of course they need to pee because of those 7 drinks I mentioned earlier.

Thank goodness, there are some really simple strategies you can use to help make bed time run a little smoother:

Avoid Technology Before Bed
If watching TV before bed is part of your child’s routine, it could actually be making it more difficult for them to go to sleep. There are plenty of alternative activities they will enjoy that can help them get to sleep quicker. Click here to learn more.

Relaxation Techniques
There are heaps of different relaxation techniques you can get your kids doing before bed, plus many websites and apps are out there which you can try for free! Relaxation activities don’t need to take a long time, just 10 minutes should be plenty, and can be easily woven into the bed time routine. Click here to learn more.

Use the Bedroom for Sleeping Only
In some families, children use their bedroom not just for sleeping, but for other activities such as homework, free play, gaming etc. Associating the bedroom with activities other than sleep may make it more difficult for them to go to sleep at bed time. To learn more, click here.

Did these strategies work for you? Let us know in the comments below how you get your kids to go to bed (and stay there!)

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