Last week I set out on what I thought (at the time) was probably a slightly over-ambitious process to try and get myself looking and feeling “back to normal” in the aftermath of our third miscarriage.

I was feeling enthusiastic about my goal to pretty much just to eat healthy, get back into the gym, blast some of that extra belly I had been carrying around and generally just try to feel like myself again.

The week started out quite well, I managed to hit the gym each day and stick to a healthy eating plan (I even managed to stick to my goal of only eating fruit for snacks… which is a pretty big win for this chocolate lover!)

Then on Wednesday afternoon, I had a minor freak out which resulted in me being back in the hospital. At the time I was pretty stressed out, and the situation had me thinking my “back to normal” plan was flying out the window much faster than I had anticipated.

After being thoroughly checked out and, what felt like about a thousand rather intrusive tests done, the Doctor’s determined that I was fine and said I could go home (thank goodness!)

So, I went about my business trying to get back to “normal” sticking to my healthy eating and exercise plan.

I was starting to feel pretty excited about flying out to Broome first thing Monday morning, packing my bags and getting organised, when…

The hospital decided to call me on Sunday night (4 days after they discharged me!) to tell me that they decided I did have an infection after all and would I like antibiotics… ARGH! I’m silently screaming at them “No, I’m going away to drink cocktails tomorrow and DON’T YOU THINK YOU COULD HAVE WORKED THIS OUT 4 DAYS AGO!?”

But of course, I didn’t say that I just said “No, not really, I feel fine now, so if it’s not a big deal I’d rather just skip the antibiotics, thanks.”

But today I thought better of it, and figured maybe I should just call my OB and see what he thinks.
*inward sigh thinking about allll those cocktails I’ve been visualising, sipping by the pool all week…”

So, I guess for now I might just have a sneaky cocktail, and hope my OB says everything is fine… fingers crossed.

But, anyway, all in all, I am pretty happy to say, I think my healthy eating and exercise plan worked quite well.

My tummy swelling went down quite a bit (it’s nowhere near where it was pre-pregnancy, but I am feeling much more like myself), and I got about 1kg closer to my pre-pregnancy weight, so it’s nice to know it can come off as quick as it goes on 😉

I did some experimenting with healthy breakfast recipe’s too, so I’ll share those a bit later in the week.

But until next then, you can find me sipping cocktails by the pool in Broome…