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Is there any point indulging your child in music or singing lessons?

Little boy is playing the trumpet at home

Well… that really depends on a lot of factors. A Swedish study found that there are a few things that can predict the likelihood of your child continuing to pursue music from childhood into adulthood.

Those factors included; starting their music practice from a young age (the younger they start, the more likely they are to continue), choosing the instrument they play, taking formal lessons more than once per week and being around more than 5 other people who also play music (for example, in your household / close circle), and playing music from rock or pop genre’s.

Interestingly, children were also more likely to carry their musical interests into adulthood if they played a string instrument (such as a guitar) or if they sang.

The study also found that the later in age a child starts to learn an instrument, the less likely they are to continue that musical or singing practice into adulthood.

So, to answer the question – is there any point in indulging your child in singing or music lesson?

Well, I guess that’s up to you. Regardless of whether you think your child will grow up to be a world- class musician, pop star or street busker it’s also important to consider whether they want to learn an instrument and generally enjoy music practice.

On another note, there is also a connection between musical practice and the development of cognitive and emotional abilities, so chances are your child is likely to benefit from engaging in music lessons one way or another. At the very least, it is likely they will enjoy learning an instrument and may have the opportunity to explore a new social outlet and connections they had not experienced previously.

If you’re keen to expose your child to music early on, and would like to increase their awareness of music and playing instruments, head over to the strategy section of our website for some ideas.

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