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Developing Music Awareness

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Want to help your child develop an awareness of and appreciation for music?

Try these strategies:

If you’re not sure what these strategies are referring to, check out our article “Is There Any Point Indulging Your Child in Music or Singing Lessons” to learn more about why developing an awareness of music is important!


One way to help your child develop an awareness of music is to make sure they get plenty of exposure to music.

There are lots of ways that you can incorporate music into your day. For example:

  • Turn the radio on in the morning while you are getting ready
  • Create a playlist with your child and listen to that playlist in the car
  • Watch a music program together on the weekend (or whenever it suits you both best!)
  • Let your child choose music to purchase regularly (e.g. once per week or once per month)


You can help your child to develop an awareness of music through playing musical games. There are lots of different games you can play. Many of these are great for in the car, but you can really do them anywhere. A few include:

  • Select a playlist with a heap of songs from different years and genres’. As each song plays, the person who says the title of the song, artist, first lyrics of the first verse and name of the album the song is from, wins that round
  • Take turns playing a favourite song to each other. Discuss your favourite part of the song and what you love about it
  • Sing songs with actions (for example: if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands or head, shoulders, knees and toes)
  • Choose a song and sing one word from that song. Take turns guessing what song that word is from. Whoever guesses correctly gets to sing the next word from another song


Help your child to develop an awareness of and appreciation for music by asking them to attend to different parts of the music. For example, ask your child to identify:

  • What instruments they can hear?
  • What beat can they hear? (click or clap in time)
  • What are the words to the song?
  • What does the song mean? (help them understand that a song can mean different things to different people)
  • How does the song make them feel?
  • What does the song remind them of and / or make them think of?

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