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Why Our Strategies Won’t Work for You

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Before you try one of your strategies and get a bit frustrated that they don’t work, we really want to you to know why they won’t work for you.

So before you contact us saying that our strategies don’t work, please make sure you answer this 1 question:

How many times did you try it?

If you try one of our strategies once or twice we can guarantee you they WON’T WORK!

Pick a strategy and use that strategy consistently for a week. Let us know if you notice any change (use the comments section below the strategy).

Use the strategy for another week, see what happens and let us know.

If, after 3 weeks you have seen no change at all, then maybe that strategy wasn’t for you.

Try another strategy and see how you go. Only you can work out which strategies are going to work best for you and your family!

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