Everyone knows the adolescent period of life can be a particularly challenging one, not just for the teenager but for the parent as well.

From the teenagers’ point of view, they are becoming more independent and more influenced by people other than their parents.

From your point of view, you might be struggling with finding a balance between how much lee-way you give your teenager towards being independent and making their own decisions, and the extent to which you put in place limits and boundaries.

The most important factor for you and your adolescent child at this point in your lives is the relationship you have built with them. Research has found that there is a link between positive parent / child relationships and antisocial behaviour during adolescence.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to work on relationship building and communication with your teenager. Head over to our strategies section for a few ideas (new members will need to register to view – it’s easy with our 1 click log in!)

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